A brain surgery and two shunt revisions later..

Welp I go back to work this weekend. Crazy nervous about it though…its been six weeks since I’ve woke up and put on scrubs. Scrubs are like a second skin to me, its when I feel the most like myself..I’m able to put all other cares aside and put my heart and soul into the welfare of another individual whom may be having the worst day of their life. Although I hated being in the hospital a total of thirteen days over the past six weeks…it taught me a real lesson in putting myself in my patients shoes and truly being able to empathize with them..to be able to tell them, “I have been right where you are”, and really mean it. To see the anxiety and fear in their eyes and completely get it. To go into surgery, brain surgery numero dos, and have no one waiting in the waiting room. To completely understand when a patient says they feel like they have no one,or they really have no one. Its the struggles like these in my life that will make me the Physician Assistant that my patients need me to be, that Heavenly Father will allow me to be…the trials in my young life have and will continue to allow Him to mold and shape me into the person I need to be in this life…an example to my friends and family… It may be difficult at times and I’m definitely not perfect…but I’m human and I’m trying..


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